From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Vacations

As you read this letter, I have just returned from a visit with my son in Spain. I am very excited to visit a country I’ve never experienced, and I’m even more excited to see my son. It took me some time to decide to make this long trip alone. My decision was cemented at […]

Letter from the Editor: Lipstick Life

For years, housework has been my go-to remedy for most any kind of stress. Not the day-to-day cleaning that we all do automatically, but the tasks that involve real effort, like closets and windows. Recently I noticed that it was time to deep clean everything. But for some reason, using housework as stress relief wasn’t […]

Letter from the Editor: Generations

It’s Monday morning as I’m writing this, and I woke up with a laundry list of things I “have to do” running through my mind. I have to get up and go to work; I have to finish the housework I left undone over the weekend; I slept too late to exercise, so I have […]

Letter from the Editor: Spring is in the Air

Last fall I attended a family wedding. My beautiful niece married her beloved in the courtyard of an historic home in Beaufort and afterward we all enjoyed a wonderful meal and a party. It was a happy, memory-making occasion with many family members in attendance – we ate, drank and danced until late in the […]

Letter from the Editor: Dining with Friends

Maybe it’s because I’m southern, but the smell of hot biscuits right out of the oven always makes me happy. A childhood favorite, the smell and taste of this delicious bread will always take me back to the feeling of being loved and completely safe. I actually make pretty good biscuits now, after many failures […]

Letter from the Editor: Moving Forward

Home means many things, but in my experience the actual place isn’t nearly as important as the people who make up your family. Our small staff is also a family, and the office is certainly our home away from home – we spend many hours a week with our work family and over the years […]

Letter from the Editor: Moving Forward

For at least a decade, one of my New Year’s goals is an aspect of personal development or to put it simply, to bring more peace in my life. For the past few years, I have worked with a couple of different teachers/coaches who have lovingly guided me on this path. Usually these coaching sessions […]

Letter from the Editor: Gifts from the Heart

My dear friend and neighbor has a December birthday. A couple of years ago, he came home from work, on his birthday, to find a large stack of at least 20 cookbooks on his screened porch, along with a birthday card. A friend of his had spent months scouring thrift stores for cool, interesting cookbooks, […]

Letter from the Editor: Making Memories

I’m blaming my busy, slightly over committed life for my recent inability to remember anything I don’t write down or type into my iPhone. I look at my calendar two or three times a day to make sure I’m not forgetting to do something important. But, all the Thanksgiving dinners of my lifetime are etched […]

Letter from the Editor: Songs You Know by Heart

As I write this, most of the Sasee crew is breathing a huge sigh of relief and getting back to normal after being out of work for nearly a week while waiting on Hurricane Florence to make her way through. And, even though our staff was very fortunate to have missed the worst of this […]

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