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Have Fun with Your Food!

By Chef Stephen Bacani

I slowly unlock the door to my residence. It’s late and already pitch black outside. As I tip toe inside and lock the dead bolt you could hear a pin drop. I look into the first room on the left and it literally looks like it has been ransacked. The rest of the house is […]

According to Google, 97% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses. Whether you are a customer or a business, you need to be there too. A businesses’ online presence is centered around a website; in essence, it’s the most important asset to invest in and the starting point of any online marketing […]

Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, is a method of cooking where the food is vacuum sealed and cooked in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature and time. This technique produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. Sous vide used to be done solely by professional […]

Buying furniture is the third largest investment families make in a lifetime, coming only after their home and car, and shopping smart can save costly mistakes. Usually, when a family buys furniture, they haven’t purchased in a long time – maybe 15 or 20 years. Maybe you’re moving into a new home that’s nothing like […]

When shopping for bedding, whether a mattress, sheets or blankets, we are presented with a multitude of features and benefits to each brand. One of these features is “thread count.” We are led to believe that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Not necessarily. Fabric manufacturing experts and Consumer Reports have a […]

Retiring? Now What?

By Linda Ketron

As a veteran generalist, I thought it strange to be asked for my “expert” thoughts on retirement, because I am so NOT retired. Even though I did, rather publicly, jump through all the retirement protocol in 2015, in order to receive my South Carolina pension for leading the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CCU for […]

Elective cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery procedures have become a big business in the United States. Often it seems there is a Cosmetic Surgeon or Med spa on every street corner offering a variety of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery have been so commercialized that patients often forget the fact that these […]

I’ve always loved boxing and kick boxing, and a few years ago I learned how much this type of movement can help Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder that affects about 1.5 million U.S. citizens. Nerve damage causes a drop in dopamine, resulting in tremors, slowness of movement, A flexed posture, postural instability and […]

Shopping With a Conscience

By Melissa Lee and Mel Healy

While you’re out enjoying doing your holiday shopping, consider that it’s possible to give back while purchasing some of those gifts – a little change makes big changes. Start by shopping in locations that are giving back for the holidays. There are so many socially conscious business models. For example, we buy from The Giving […]

If someone you love lives in an assisted living facility or in a memory care unit, it can be hard to know how to make the holidays special. While some gifts are always welcome, like new pajamas or a warm sweater, most of our senior residents’ wants are more intangible. Decorate your loved one’s room […]

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