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Cathy Norini: Blissful Living in Living Dunes

From growing up and spending her entire life in Chicago, Cathy was in pursuit of warmer weather and coastal ambiance. As a retired amusement park owner, she also craved a relaxing new lifestyle. As soon as she learned of Living Dunes’ model homes, she immediately hopped on a plane to come check them out. Cathy has officially been living in the neighborhood for a year, since July of 2020.

The Living Dunes offers many great features and Cathy’s favorite aspects are how accessible the beach is and how much nature there is surrounding them. She loves taking her pups to the beach but equally enjoys taking strolls on the many trails within the neighborhood. She explained how incredible it is that she can walk to a majority of the places she needs to go without ever having to leave the development. She also says that the quality and design of the buildings are a big reason people gravitate towards the community as well as the amenities such as the pool and beach club.

Although Cathy searched for quite a long time to move somewhere like the Grand Strand, every house she found was either too big or in need of too much TLC. She loves that her home is the perfect size for her and her three dogs. She also loves that she has extra room for a few guests when family and friends visit. Cathy surprisingly enjoyed downsizing as she explained, “You always think you need more than you do until you start to downsize, then you realize how many things you don’t use, and it honestly feels really good to give those things away. It makes you feel lighter.”

Cathy is excited to get more involved with the community by volunteering with the local humane society and by participating in some of the Living Dunes events on the weekends. Moving to a new community can be stressful and especially one in an entirely different state. She reiterated how thankful she is that “Living Dunes has such a quaint, hometown feel” that she was unable to experience anywhere else. Cathy finally found the happy, coastal home where she belongs, and so can you!

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