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Cover Artist: Alexandra Brehm

Alexandra Brehm (born Burgstaller) in 1974 in Salzburg, Germany, scribbled at a very early age on any paintable surface. At the age of 16, she painted a picture for the first time of her art teacher! It was the beginning of her painting career for the public as she began to commission portraits and orders at artisan markets.

Brehm participated in many exhibitions and three online art shops as well as painted for personal collectors. In 2015, she took the step to become a full-time self-employed artist, which she has never regretted.

The creative field of the mother of two ranges from portraits and people, places, animals and flowers to erotic and above all abstract painting. Already over 1000 of Brehm’s pictures have been sold nationally and internationally. Many of her paintings are in the privacy of many collectors in Southeast Asia and South America.

You can find more of her art at www.burgstallers-art.de

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