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Cover Artist: Amanda Tucker

Amanda Ryan Tucker is an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from VCU with her BFA concentrating on painting and printmaking. Amanda’s work is most known for the bright colors and her distinct loose brushstrokes.

Amanda’s most recent works are studying the journey through life as a woman — from self love, fertility, loss, postpartum to her relationship with her body. The artist is celebrating the strength of the female while also embracing the vulnerability of womanhood.

All her work boils down to relationships, relationship with ourselves, our children, to the relationship between the marks and colors on the canvas. Whether creating an abstract portrait or a landscape — all are marks, layers and lines studying and pushing the relationships, exploring the boundaries and, in the end, creating colorful works of art.

When Amanda is not painting she is enjoying her family time with husband and two children. You can find Amanda’s work at Ro Sham Beaux in Charleston, South Carolina, at Gild and Ash in Richmond, Virginia, and Chosen in Charlotte, North Carolina. To see more of her work, visit www.AmandaRyanTucker.com or contact her at amandatuckerart@gmail.com.