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Cover Artist: April Bensch

April grew up in Tampa, FL, where she developed a deep appreciation for both visual and performing arts. She has called Litchfield Beach home for the past 25 years with her husband, David, and their 3 beautiful, equally talented adult daughters: Elody, Sophia, and Hailey. After college, she was preparing to enter grad school for physical therapy when she instead responded to a call on her life to become a full-time freelance artist to fully utilize the talent God had given her. She made that leap of faith, and since then, her art has covered canvases, ceilings, walls, and anything that will hold still long enough to be painted up and down the Grand Strand and beyond. She also runs the Paint and Unwined Paint Party Studio. See her art on Facebook at April Bensch or Bensch Custom Artworks. 


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