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Cover Artist: Bella Pilar

Bella Pilar’s feminine artwork cheerfully revisits the traditional art of fashion illustration, pushing the genre to a whimsical place inhabited by chic yet fanciful ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes, who dress well and clearly live life to the fullest. Trained in fine art, Bella’s career began in New York with work as an editorial and runway makeup artist. After a few fast-paced years, she traded blush brushes for paintbrushes and dove headlong into her true passion – painting and illustration. Today she is best known for the fabulous, embellished greeting cards that have featured hundreds of her playful illustrations. Painted in gouache on lovely, thick sheets of watercolor paper, her artwork has evolved into a globally appealing and identifiable art brand. Her work has appeared in books, magazines, and advertising for stylish clients in far-flung locales from Italy to Dubai, as well as right here at home.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bellapilarstudio
Website: www.bellapilar.com/
Studio Shop: www.bellapilar.com/shop

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