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Cover Artist: Chantal Tomiello

Chantal Tomiello is a French-Canadian artist who currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Even as a young child, she always had a talent for drawing. Although her path did not lead her to be a full-time artist at first, she always yearned to paint. Over the years, while living her traditional life, she carved out time to paint. She started with watercolors, then oils, and now acrylics. She is self-taught, with the help of many classes, workshops, and books.

In 2018, she opened herself fully to her art journey when she retired from her traditional career to become a full-time artist. Since 2020, she has been studying with renowned California-based artist, Nicholas Wilton. She explained her experience, “My association with his course of study has changed everything about the way I now see my art, my life as an artist, and the direction I am heading.”

Chantal’s work is showcased at Sunset River Gallery and all her works can be found at www.Chantalpaints.com.

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