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Cover Artist: François Grosliere

François Grosliere, a hyperactive and color-blind advertising man and painter, has a background full of experiences. First, he studied Fine Arts in Clermont-Ferrand. After a course in Civil Engineering Drawing in Toulon, he took classes at the Brassart School in Tours to become an advertising designer. In 1987, he joined Publicis in Clermont-Ferrand where he spent most of his career as an Artistic Director.

Now, with his freelance agency So Good iD F. Grosliere, the artist is living his double life of advertising and painting. He has been exhibiting since 1995 in various locations and cities like Marseille, Paris or the Avignon Festival. In 2002, he created a series of madonnas, with voluptuous curves and sensual figures, that were printed on the T-shirts of the breast cancer charity race “La Clermontoise” now “Clermont en rose.”

François develops a unique style full of bright colors that can now be recognized at a glance. “I like to consider my paintings as a wink, a touch of humor. Seeing a smile on the faces of people is what makes me truly happy.”

Website: www.fgrosliere.fr
Email: francoisgrosliere@gmail.com

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