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Cover Artist: Viktoria Lapteva

“The admiration of the world around me is the foundation of my work. Each new day is new emotions, new experiences, new solutions, and new creative approaches. No restrictions – only delight!”

Viktoria Lapteva is an experienced Ukrainian painter with national exposure. She works in the technique of oil painting in various genres of landscape, figurative, and portrait as well as still life. She also has experience in applied textiles and silk painting. Volume, color, and condition – the foundation on which she expresses their attitude to the world and the desire to combine graphics textures, almost bas-relief elements, and traditional oil painting. This impressive painting technique creates the effect of a 3D image, which allows pictures in different lighting conditions to look like they come to life. Paintings from the boring everyday statics transformed into a refined movement.

In her portraiture, Lapteva focuses on the power of the face: the soul seen through the eyes and the mood revealed at the corners of one’s lips. This captivation is something she seeks to pass onto each viewer, transmitting an appreciation of the world around us and those who inhabit it.

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