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Cover Artist: Yvonne Coleman Burney

As a self-taught artist, Yvonne Coleman Burney discovered the child inside her, which is an element that has remained a key ingredient in the evolution of her art. Her work has always had a collage focus as she creates colorful storytelling compositions by merging canvas, paper, wood birch boards, quality paints, inks, and digital painting. She explained, “Collaging is more than just creating something digitally or on paper, it is the passion and love for art that comes from my soul. It is truly my voice and a way of expression for me.”

Stereotypes and myths are challenged in her work and her inspiration and motivation often come from her life experiences. She lives to create and explore, and the more she shares her art with others, the more she feels that she has found the one thing that sets her soul free with wings to fly. As she continues to learn and grow in her art, she hopes her viewers will see and feel more significant transformations as well.



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