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Georgia Beaver: Self-love is Self-care

Growing up in a very traditional household, Georgia was told she had two options for her future as a woman; to become a teacher or a nurse. Fortunately, nursing led her in the right direction to living her best life. After graduating from nursing school in a small town in eastern Ohio, she moved to Columbus to work in a hospital, where she met her husband, Barney. Many years and several moves later, the two decided to relocate to the Grand Strand. One of their sons and his family live in Charleston and once Georgia and Barney discovered Pawleys Island, they knew it was their new home. Georgia said, “We’ve been here for ten years…and I think we are going to stay!”

As a woman, Georgia has always been fascinated by the beauty industry. Beautiful work accomplished at med spas. She visited her first med spa back in the 90s in Ohio and was hooked. After moving to Pawleys Island, she visited Visible Results as a client and fell in love. She made it known she was interested in working there, even though they were fully staffed. The owner, Jenifer Lachicotte, laughed and replied, “The ladies said they will only leave if they retire, or they die.” The pandemic changed a few of their minds about retiring early and Georgia joined the team as their Registered Nurse. Georgia went through courses to obtain laser and Botox certifications, but she was mostly trained by her boss, Jenifer. She exclaimed, “Jenifer is a true professional and an artist, and this position was a match made in Heaven! I am so appreciative of our positive and uplifting work environment. When women support women, incredible things happen!”

The popularity of med spas and their remarkable skin results are growing, and Georgia wants every woman to know why this type of care (as well as all self-care) is so important. On top of providing relaxing and rejuvenating services that help build confidence, they also provide medical skin care products and teach you how to use them correctly. Skincare is also a form of self-care, which Georgia is all about as she explained, “Women tend to care for everyone else, like their kids, parents, family, and friends, all before themselves. Women are the last people to remember to do self-care and practice self-love. The sooner we realize how important that is, the better.”

Georgia is a prime example of why constantly checking in on yourself can be life changing. A year ago, she discovered she had breast cancer. During one of her self-exams, she noticed a dimple, which was a surprise considering that her routine mammogram the month before was normal. As it turns out, twenty percent of breast cancers do not show up on mammograms. Thanks to her proactive decisions and self-awareness, Georgia caught her diagnosis early and went through all the necessary treatments. She shudders to think about what her life might be had she not found it when she did. Through this experience, she discovered a new appreciation for living a healthy lifestyle and has made it her mission to share her inspirational story.

Living well and healthy is not only about routine doctor’s exams and keeping up with skincare, but actively working on self-love. For Georgia, that means being aware of the nutrition she puts in her body, but also not denying herself that piece of coconut cream pie and that glass of wine when she craves it. Keeping her mental health in check is also a priority for her which she accomplishes by getting enough sunlight, walking on the beach, and practicing yoga. Another way she lives life to the fullest is by spending quality time with her family as well as traveling with her husband to learn and gain perspective about other cultures and lifestyles. She is especially inspired by the Europeans who value rest, rejuvenation, and a true work-life balance. After what she has been through in the past year, choosing to live in a state of constant awareness and growth is even more appealing, and almost necessary, for Georgia’s well-being.

Feeling comfortable in your skin and making sure to take care of yourself before you take care of others is the main intention that Georgia wants every person to understand. Women tend to be chronic worriers with high-stress levels, so they especially need to be aware of their health and situations as early as possible by making themselves a priority. The only way you can make a change in the world is by making changes within yourself first. The more positive changes you make within, the more that positivity spreads over other areas of your life. From the wise words of Georgia, “Aging is simply inevitable, so we might as well gift ourselves the opportunity to age gracefully!”

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