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June 2020: Kids Read It!

By Nicole McManus

The Magnificent Brookgreen Gardens Story House Books teaches children of all ages about nature and how each of us can do our part. These books would be fun paired with an actual visit to Brookgreen.

Planting with Nana

Written by Viki Richardson
Illustrated by Millie Doud

Cover of Planting with Nana

Nana and her two grandchildren take a day to plant lots of native plants, to help replace those lost when the new neighborhood was built. Each plant has a purpose and helps a different species by providing food, homes, and places to lay eggs.

Even if you are still social distancing, this book is inspiring for all to read. Learning about native plants that help the birds, bees, and butterflies will encourage families to dust off their gardening gloves.

The Friendly Fox Squirrel

Written by Ron Diase
Illustrated by Millie Doud

Cover of The Friendly Fox Squirrel

A father and son are at Brookgreen Gardens, when the young child sees a Fox Squirrel. He plays from a distance and then follows the squirrel down a path. He meets a woman with wise words for all to hear.

I remember the first time I saw a fox squirrel. I rushed home to tell my Mom and then spent hours researching this unique creature. I love that this book includes some interesting facts at the end.

Elliott Learns to Swim

Written by Nancy Seitz
Illustrated by Barbara Smullen

Cover of Elliott Learns to Swim

Children are watching otters at Brookgreen Gardens. A volunteer named Nancy introduces them to Elliott and tells them the story of how he was rescued.

This story is adorable, and is accompanied with real life photos and drawings. The kids learn how much care a rescued baby otter needs, and what they can do to protect the waterways. There are basic activities to spark family imagination time and facts about otters.

Angus, The Gentle Giant

Written by Viki Richardson
Illustrated by Millie Doud

Cover of Angus, The Gentle Giant

Bennie and his classmates are visiting Brookgreen Gardens, when they encountered a very big mascot. Bennie was a scared by the size of the massive dog. However, as his class learned about the history of Angus and the Scottish Deerhounds, Bennie came to a realization… Angus is a gentle giant.

Filled with pictures and drawings of Angus, this sweet book reminds us all not to judge someone by their appearance. Readers of all ages will enjoy learning Angus’ lineage. This is an adorable book for dog lovers.


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