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Letter from the Editor: Always More to Explore

Letter from the Editor: Always More to Explore

Although I have explored life in many ways, I have not traveled nearly as much as I would like – yet. Most of my traveling was during college when the Tiger Band would accompany the football team for important games. For playoffs, we would spend a full week somewhere and although we had lots of practice, parades, and pep rallies, we also had free time to discover our surroundings. My favorite trip was to Arizona where almost all of Tiger Band climbed Camelback Mountain together. During our treacherous hike (and specifically, as I had to get on all fours to make sure I didn’t fall off), I contemplated why in the world they would plan this excursion the DAY before gameday. Not everyone made it all the way, but we twirlers listened to music & laughed the whole way to the tippy-top!

After graduation, some of my family and I went on a European adventure. We started in Ireland where we saw vibrant gardens, historical castles, and the most beautiful green countryside landscapes and sparkling seascapes during our Ring of Kerry 100-mile coastal panoramic drive. After loads of fish and chips and all sorts of beer, we ferried to England for a few days to explore London, Whales, and Stonehenge. The next destination was Paris which happened to be the same time France won the world cup and we witnessed the streets light up with excitement. Our last night was my favorite when we visited the Aux Trois Mailletz piano bar. We found out this spot featured a late-night cave downstairs with a live cabaret-style review. After we dropped my grandmother off at the hotel, my mom and I returned for the entertaining show where we danced barefoot on top of tables and sang the night away.

The following day, I was ready to head to the next country – alone. Due to the travel agent mistyping the flight time, I missed it. After 12 long hours of trying to get help from the French and gates switching, I finally made it to Germany. Lolo, my high school foreign exchange student/sister picked me up and immediately took me on a train to go out and celebrate our reconnection. Oh, the stories I could tell about this trip…I cannot wait to explore some more!

“The key to a wonderful life is to never stop wandering into wonder.”
-Suzy Kassem


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