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Letter from the Editor: Best Buds

Letter from the Editor: Best Buds

I hope all of my wonderful grandmothers are proud that my green thumb has grown since this time last year. I moved into a new place with bright lighting and immaculate energy. I am now the mother of twenty-two house plants, some outdoor flowers, and I even added a small herb garden on the porch with sage, mint, basil, rosemary, and thyme. Just as I have grown my horticulture friendships, I am also always growing my human ones too.

When I think about my best buds, there is a surplus (but I am not complaining). I am incredibly blessed with all of my high-quality, dynamic friendships that were created in such diverse ways. I have friendships that have lasted over two decades that began in preschool and although we are so different now, we still make time for each other and we know that our companionship will never fade. I have friends that came along during the awkward teenage stages in middle and high school and we still appreciate the eccentric flowers we have bloomed into today. I have a multitude of friends from college that have helped me through my hardest times and were always there to remind me to celebrate our most exciting times. As a young adult, I have formed bonds with so many in the most down-to-earth, authentic scenarios as we continue to forge our way through this confusing, yet exhilarating period of our lives. I have also made life-long friendships with numerous beautiful souls that I have met at festivals who are from all over the country, but equally share my passion for music and community. I consider my friends and my plants family as we constantly support one another even though we are all unique in our own ways.

I believe that being the absolute best bud means that you are compassionate, honest, trustworthy, and always ready to listen (regardless of if you are supposed to offer advice). Sometimes you just need to be supportive and make sure that your friends understand that no matter what, they are not alone. I am a firm believer that it is essential to provide one another with proper water and light – that we truly need the best of buds surrounding us to fully bloom.


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