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Letter from the Editor: Celebrate

Letter from the Editor: Celebrate

Planning events and playing hostess is my jam – literally. One of the best aspects of a party is creating the perfect playlist to match the vibe and excite the guests (which depends on which of my friends or family are attending). Luckily, I listen to a wide variety of genres and I know my people very well. My ultimate goal is to get everyone bopping their heads and singing along together.

To accompany the music, another essential detail that helps harmonize the ambiance of the special occasion is the décor. These days, there are so many DIY ways to design a space with a definitive style. Declaring a theme is always an interesting way to spice up the mood, especially if all of the party attendees have to dress up as well.

Another fun element of planning an event is the yummy food. An aesthetically pleasing and easy culinary display to prepare is the super-trendy charcuterie board. I do believe there are other important facets than just the meats and cheeses but having a myriad of cheeses IS most certainly non-negotiable. To arrange the most colorful and flavorful board, you should also include a variety of bread, crackers, nuts, fruits, jams, spreads, olives, pickled items, and even some chocolatey treats.

No matter how big or small the get-together is, a personal favorite activity of mine is playing games. A friendly competition is an amusing way for everyone to interact and get to know one another. I have always loved all sorts of games and I grew up playing with my family and constantly begged my parents for another round.

My dad and papa both taught me many games and I cherish that quality time we spent together. My dad even wanted me to become very skilled with quarters so that when I went to college, I could beat all the boys and never be taken advantage of. Father’s Day isn’t the only day to commemorate dad for having your back, but he sure is a great reason to throw a party and celebrate.



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