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Letter from the Editor: Community Life

Letter from the Editor: Community Life

Recently, a friend of mine was walking down her stairs and slipped, breaking her foot in several places. The break was so severe it required surgery and weeks of recovery that is still ongoing. Immediately, our group of friends joined together to provide meals for her. One friend loaned her a knee scooter to use inside, and another friend puts her in the car to get her out of the house occasionally as she isn’t able to drive. My friend’s community is helping her get through a traumatic period without worrying about everyday issues that are so hard when you’re injured or sick. (All of this was done safely, with masks on and six feet of distance between us.) The thing that struck me the most was how easily all of this came together. Our community banded together to help one of our own who needed immediate assistance. This is the type of place we live. The support given to my friend happens daily in our community – through meals, financial support, a comforting presence and more. We are people who help, who do for each other, who know that a strong community is important for everyone. Of all the reasons I could list about why I love where I live, I think this is the one that means the most.

Grab a cool drink and enjoy this fun issue of Sasee. Even though our lives are a bit different now, we will get through this together.

Happy July 4th!


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