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Letter from the Editor: Creative Outlets

Letter from the Editor: Creative Outlets

Creativity is a luxury many of us forget about as we age. Thanks to societal norms, our minds become consumed with rational (as well as irrational) thoughts and fears about the world and our future. While feeling worried is a valid emotion and spending time focused on real-life tasks is essential, I could also argue that it’s equally as important to remember what it feels like to dream.

Although I am young, my childhood still existed before the time of iPhones and iPads. I was raised to play outside, get dirty, build forts, ride bikes, and invent games with my friends. Using our imagination has several benefits such as preserving memory skills, enhancing problem-solving abilities, improving social intelligence, and developing self-confidence. Creative movement and activities provide a safe and appropriate place to express those overwhelming inner thoughts as well as learn how to move through and naturally embrace those feelings. Utilizing our imaginative aptitude to be creative not only reduces anxiety but also allows us to develop a deeper appreciation and connection to the world around us.

I honestly don’t know who I would be today without the many creative outlets I partake in because, in my opinion, they make me the best version of myself. When I am in a rut, or too in my head, it’s creativity that relieves my stress and inspires me to move forward. Creative outlets like painting, crafting, decorating, cooking, gardening, singing, writing, meditating, dancing, and all other forms of movement are truly valuable for the mind, body, and soul. There’s no downside to discovering an innovative outlet that brings us joy, especially when nurturing and growing through that outlet brings us a high satisfaction of self. Creativity is an aspect of life where there is no skill needed to begin and there is no wrong answer – it is a unique, passionate process of self-care and discovery that everyone deserves to experience.

Cheers to a New Year!


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