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Letter from the Editor: Enjoying Life

Letter from the Editor: Enjoying Life

It was fall of 2002 in the Blue Ridge mountains, the perfect time of the year – football season! The “Band that Shakes the Southland” began to play, and the music took over the crowd – It’s time! It’s my time to run out onto the field to perform. The cannons fired off and my adrenaline kicked in. The stadium was packed full of orange and purple pride, eighty thousand Clemson Tiger fans chanting as one, and a small ginger-haired girl who embarked on her first dream. That’s me, nothing but sparkles and smiles, oh and a baton in my hand, of course. As I posed there as big and as bold as I could, more ready than ever to twirl my little heart out as I listened to the instruments sing, all I could think to myself was, “I was made for this!”

At the age of six, this was my first experience of Game Day in Death Valley and I was wholeheartedly captivated. I decided right then that I would work as hard as I could to become a Clemson University Tiger Twirler. I attended the “Tiger Twirler for A Day” football game every year growing up and successfully fulfilled my dream. My passion for baton twirling, music, and choreography grew immensely. Although my time as a Tiger Twirler is now over, hearing the Tiger Band play the tune of our fight song, “Tiger Rag,” will forever be a sensational feeling and a connection to my team’s monumental memories that I will always remember.

I never would have imagined that my passion would go beyond a competitive and collegiate level, but once I moved back to the Grand Strand, I have been blessed to teach younger generations and perform professionally with Over the Moon Productions. It’s truly astonishing to me what opportunities have come my way due to the genuine and simplistic joy of doing what I love. During those melodic moments when it’s just me, my batons, and some groovy music, I feel soulfully whole. I encourage you to discover your passions and learn how to truly enjoy your life.


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