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Letter from the Editor: Express Yourself

Letter from the Editor: Express Yourself

Charles Wright had the right idea when he wrote the classic, soul-funk hit “Express Yourself” that made its grand debut in 1970. The song is timeless and so is the melodious message. My favorite verse is, “Some people have everything, and other people don’t, but everything don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t the thing you want.” I believe the point of this lyric (and the song in general) is that every person’s expression is different because everyone is unique in their own way. Wright wanted to specifically shine a light on the fact that there is no sense in copying someone else when you could be much happier by embracing your originality instead.

Personally, I have quite a few ways I like to express myself outside of writing. One very important way is through music and movement such as baton twirling and dancing, an expression I share with many friends. Another way I display myself is through my home décor. My ideal taste is a blend of boho and eclectic with a rich mix of color, texture, and vintage. The last, most obvious way I show off my personality is through my clothing and accessories. I love bright, colorful attire as well as fun jewelry, sunglasses, and purses that make a statement. I learned a long time ago that fitting in was not my style and that I am much more satisfied in life when I am being my genuine self.

Regardless of how you prefer to do so, expressing your creativity can play a significant role in your self-awareness and overall well-being. It is a way we can align our inner selves with our outward presentation. Take a look at Sasee’s 2022 Fashion and Home Trends consisting of beautiful pieces from our local shops that will inspire you to express yourself authentically and unapologetically.

Life is your ultimate canvas, why would you not paint it just the way you like?


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