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Letter from the Editor: Gather & Gobble

Letter from the Editor: Gather & Gobble

Gathering with loved ones and gobbling down some yummy food is most certainly underrated. Not to mention that it’s a beautiful time of year, from the charming colors to the perfect weather. Warm hues of yellow, orange, red, and purple coupled with the cozy sweater attire certainly creates wonderful feelings of comfort.

Despite how lovely this time of year is, Thanksgiving does not seem to be very many people’s favorite holiday. Is that because there are no material gifts? Why can’t the best present of all be our simple presence? If nothing else, Thanksgiving is the best excuse to get together and make memories while telling stories, laughing, and eating delicious cuisine.

From the traditional turkey (stuffed or dressed to your liking) to the cheesy vegetables and delightful selection of pies, having food to consume in general is an undervalued reason to be thankful. Plus, nothing quite says “thank you” like sharing meals with friends and family – and especially, those in need.

The holiday season is an extra important time to give back and volunteer. There are several dedicated, compassionate organizations along the Grand Strand that strive to make a difference within our communities. One special nonprofit in particular that is featured within this Sasee issue is The Outreach Farm, which donates protein to the many local organizations that specifically feed those in need for free.

In order for these charitable organizations to continue their philanthropic work, they are always in need of assistance. Whether it be financially, or volunteer-based, your support matters and if you haven’t contributed before, it’s never too late to start a new holiday tradition. As so wisely said by Amy Leigh Mercree, “Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation to shower the world with love and gratitude.”

May your bellies stay full of food and your hearts full of grace.


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