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Letter from the Editor: Just the Two of Us

I love wedding vows, whether a couple uses the traditional, time-honored phrases or writes their own promises to love, honor and cherish. Words have so much power, and the actual process of writing them amplifies their significance. Who isn’t moved by heartfelt, loving promises given in shaky voices to a room of caring family and friends? In college, I had to use the brick and mortar library for research (yes, I’m that old), and no matter what I went in to do, I took the time to stop by the sturdy, wooden stand that held the OED, or Oxford English Dictionary to look up a word or just open it to a random page and read about the origins of the words we use every day. Each word we so casually use has a long history and a variety of meanings. What this wonderful book doesn’t emphasize, however, is the impact words may have on the ones who hear them. In love, friendship or business; in casual conversation or formal speech, I believe it is so important to think about the impact of our words, both written and spoken, and to give kindness a place in our message. All of us have so much more in common than we have differences.

I hope you enjoy our story on the upcoming Blessing of the Inlet and our interview with a boat captain who talks about life as a commercial fisherman. There’s a lot to love in this issue!

May our words lift your spirits and brighten your day.


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