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Letter from the Editor: Laugh Until You Cry

Letter from the Editor: Laugh Until You Cry

Most of you are probably aware by now that I was a stubborn child, but who wasn’t? (I always blamed the red hair.) As you can imagine, that particular trait sometimes led to some not-so-great events. I am sure we all have those past experiences that are awful at the time, yet hilarious down the road when told again.

One of my comical stories took place when I was four years old at my afterschool day care, “Karolina Kids” in Murrells Inlet, SC. We had a pretty decent size playground and although I do not remember why, I know I was escorted to “time-out” which was the corner of the playground. Well, we all know that “nobody puts Baby in the corner” so naturally, I decided to rebel…with creativity.

I have heard my fair share of stories about kids putting objects in places they should not go. My chosen object was a rock, and I had the bright idea to stick it up my nose, a little too far. Sure enough, it got pretty stuck. I could not tell you exactly how many hours it was up there, but I do know that my parents and I spent the rest of the day frantically traveling around to doctor’s offices – yes, plural. The first few doctors did not seem to have a tool small enough to fit up my nose to retrieve the infamous rock. Long story short, after all of the kicking, screaming, and many urgent cares later, someone finally got the sucker out.

Ever since this traumatic experience, I have not enjoyed going to the doctor or the hospital very much, but hey, at least Baby did in fact get out of the corner.

I hope you all get a laugh from the many amusing stories shared in this issue!


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