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Letter from the Editor: Living Well

Letter from the Editor: Living Well

I believe that living and loving are action words that go hand in hand. Living well is not possible without loving deeply – especially when it comes to loving yourself.

In the spirit of honesty, I have decided to share with you my recent health discovery. After a lifetime of feeling random symptoms, I finally found out there was a reason. I have Hashimoto’s Disease – an autoimmune disorder that causes my immune system to attack the butterfly-shaped gland in my throat, the thyroid. Although autoimmune issues do not have a “cure,” there is a protocol to “manage” your symptoms, which has everything to do with diet and vitamins.

Since beginning this journey, I have learned an unbelievable amount about food and nutrition – and especially about the products produced in our country. How often do y’all read the actual ingredients instead of the marketed propaganda on the label? I encourage you to start for the sake of your future self.

I was never a big cook, but now I spend many hours in the kitchen making all my own meals. I’ve also been experimenting with baking and thank goodness I finally figured out pancakes! I used to be all about eating something quick and easy, but now I am all about fueling my body with something real and delicious. Learning how to make yourself, and your health, a priority is extremely gratifying.

Yes, my diet is strict right now until I find out what my body does and does not like, but the effect it’s had on my overall health has been life changing. All I know is the universe was looking out for me when I read that I could have coconut, honey, and sweet potatoes. Understanding and defining personal good health is certainly a process, but the feeling of finally figuring it all out is priceless.

Love yourself enough to not only learn how to live well, but to live your very best!


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  1. As I surfed in search of new publications for my writing, it was serendipitous that I came upon Sarah Elaine’s “Letter from the Editor: Living Well.” I, too, have Hashimoto’s and have had this thyroid disease for more than 30 years.
    It took awhile before I found an endocrinologist who convinced me I was tackling Hashimoto’s with the wrong meds. After taking pig thyroid for years and often feeling sluggish, he persuaded me to try an alternative.
    “Why?” I asked.
    “Because you’re not a pig,” he replied with a shrug.
    I felt as though I had morphed into a character in a children’s book, but I listened.
    Now, before breakfast each day, I take not only levothyroxine, but also liothyronine.
    This might not work for everyone, but I’m much happier.

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