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Letter from the Editor: Making a House Your Home

Letter from the Editor: Making a House Your Home

The feng shui of my personal space has always fascinated me. Even growing up, when the only space I sort of had a say about was my bedroom, I sure had significant opinions about how it should look and feel. I would constantly move furniture around in my room whenever I was feeling stagnant. I suppose I unknowingly understood from a young age how much your surroundings can affect you. For a house to truly feel like home, both comfort and inspiration play significant roles.

During high school, I asked my parents if I could splatter paint my room for my birthday. On one hand, they knew this sounded a bit messy and ridiculous, but ultimately, they decided to allow me the opportunity to express my creativity. The walls were painted all black and then we splattered colors of lime green, turquoise blue, and hot pink. My best friends, Elise, Lizzie, Tori, and Abby helped and we sure made a party out of the process. The best part was the last step when we splattered the glow-in-the-dark paint so when I went to sleep, it looked like I was surrounded by stars. Although my parents’ worries came true about some of the colors accidentally ending up on the carpet, the ceiling, and even the fan, the room really did turn into a teenage Tumblr dream. Even more importantly, laughter was shared and memories were created with friends I still have to this day.

The saying goes, “A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.” I’m appreciative of the fact that I grew up in a home that condoned concepts such as dreams, imagination, and creativity. Because I was given the space to create and the grace to make a mess as a child, I truly believe it has enhanced my way of expressing myself now, whether it be within my home or even beyond.


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