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Letter from the Editor: Mother Knows Best

Letter from the Editor: Mother Knows Best

Although life does not come with a manual, you sure are lucky if yours comes with a helpful mother.

However, I am not so sure they ALWAYS feel quite so lucky to be stuck with us. I was stubborn even before birth. After many years of IVF treatments, the dang stick finally revealed a positive sign, and then nine months later, when I finally arrived…I was, of course, upside down.

As an only child, I have always been very connected with my parents. On my first day of kindergarten, I ran back down the hall after my mother in tears. I was nervous and I never fit in. The red-headed girl with the freckles and the big ole birthmark on her chest that was referred to as a “coffee stain.” (What kind of child thought I drank coffee at the age of six?)

Regardless, as I grew, the advice my mother instilled in me became more apparent. I was always told to “be the best me” which also meant the most authentic version of myself. I was taught that it was perfectly okay that I was unique and learned very quickly that the mean kids were the ones who needed some real guidance and motherly love.

Speaking of, that teenage stage of mine was brutal, and my sassy stubbornness was at an all-time high. My mother went from being my lifeline to the person I fought with for no good reason. How typically rude and adolescent of me. Did I let the hormones hide the fact she was always on my side (and by my side) when I needed it? I did, but not for long. She is pretty difficult to be upset with as she is ever-loving, forgiving, and understanding – more significant lessons I learned from her.

My mother mostly always knows best, but it’s interesting how, depending on the subject, sometimes the tables turn as you mature. Your relationship transitions from a parent-child scenario to a real, adult friendship. Now, we get to support and learn from one another in a new way. As Terry Guillemets said, “I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


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