Letter from the Editor: No Place Like Home

Letter from the Editor: No Place Like Home

Almost fifteen years ago, I interviewed with the owner and publisher of Sasee for the job as editor. I clearly remember that one of the “tests” she gave me was to write a sample “Letter from the Editor.” I struggled with that first letter, but to my great delight, I was chosen for the position and felt I had found my perfect place. Each month since December of 2005, I’ve shared my thoughts with all of you here. None of them was as hard to write as that first letter – until now, as I write what will be my last Sasee “Letter from the Editor.” While I am very excited to start on a new adventure, it is with great sadness that I leave you, my family of readers and writers – along with the hundreds of people who have allowed me to share their story through interviews. Many times through the years, I have sat in front of my computer and cried while reading an essay – and just as many times, I’ve laughed out loud at a writer’s hilarious story. When readers would stop me in the grocery store or post office, sharing how a certain essay or interview touched their heart, I was always humbled by the impact of this publication. Sasee is very special to me, and I know it is for many of you as well. So much time and energy is put into making every issue even better than the last – and rest assured, none of that will change with my departure. Sasee has a caring, dedicated team that will make sure you have only the very best each month.

To all the Sasee writers, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have become friends through the years, and I will miss our monthly emails. And to our readers I give the greatest thanks – without you, Sasee would not exist. One person I do want to mention – Nicole McManus, who has shared so many wonderful book reviews, is also leaving Sasee this month to start her own new adventure. Please join me in thanking her for sharing her love of reading, and inspiring us to get lost in a book.

I leave you with a full and joyous heart, knowing my time with Sasee has made a difference.




3 responses to “Letter from the Editor: No Place Like Home

  1. I was just thinking of you TONIGHT as I am putting together a portfolio of my work. I loved being in Sasee. I have been so busy doing freelancing marketing that I haven’t had tine to write personally. I was just thinking I wanted to send you something again. So I looked you up. Good luck to you! What is on the horizon?

  2. Oh, Leslie, I appreciate your choosing my little vignettes to appear in this lovely publication. You have been a kind editor and I’ve enjoyed knowing you through your monthly letters and email responses to any questions I posed. Good luck in your future endeavors. You will be missed.

  3. Yes, you will be missed. Our monthly emails became a chat with a friend–and ” oh, by the way, I am submitting a story.” I appreciated your encouragement and your friendship. The best to you in your new journey.

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