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Letter from the Editor: Perfect Age

Letter from the Editor: Perfect Age

This summer I turned a quarter of a century and even at 25, I do not feel my age. I have always been “mature for my age” as they say, and I think that is because my inner soul feels as though it is three-quarters of a century. I believe the reason I feel this way is because I caught onto the “point of life” much earlier on than most by understanding a few wholesome concepts: life is meant to be truly lived every second of every day while surrounded by loved ones, our personal journey is not meant to be determined by societal norms, and that regardless of age, there is always time to learn, grow, and prosper.

I celebrated my quarter of a century birthday surrounded by over a dozen of my closest friends. Our ages ranged from 19 to 30 and a decade difference in age could not possibly differentiate us at heart. I have friends of all ages that range much wider than a decade and I seek out friendships on a daily basis regardless of how many years someone has been on this earth. The most important aspects of kindling new friendships are feeling that genuine connection of comfort, sharing similar interests/mindsets, and finding someone whom you know you can learn from (and who is also able to learn from you). As for me and my group of friends, we share simple pleasures: music, nature, and laugh-until-you-cry laughter. We spent my birthday weekend camping in tents, walking trails, sunbathing on the beach, grilling out together, and simply enjoying each other’s company from sunup to sundown.

When viewing life as a whole, my mentality is that mistakes are not really mistakes and that the only real “mistake” you can possibly make is not learning and growing from that experience you may refer to as a mistake. Life is not about age; it is about perspective. Read all about this mindset from the inspirational and wise women interviewed for Sasee’s August issue, “The Perfect Age.”


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