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Letter from the Editor: Planting the Seed

Letter from the Editor: Planting the Seed

I have not physically planted many seeds that have bloomed. Green thumbs certainly do run in my family, but I am not sure the gene has made its way to me yet. I do enjoy keeping up with my handful of house plants, but due to my busy lifestyle, I only care for the types that do not die easily: succulents, cacti, pothos, and snake plants. My sweet Grandma Susie, my strong Nina, and my gifted Grandmother Elaine all adore their flower beds and watching the birds surround their bird feeders. My plants simply cannot rely on me as well as the botanicals raised by my three wonderful grandmothers.

However, I would like to think that I have a much better understanding of how to best plant seeds that shall someday bloom in a metaphorical sense. I hope I do a good job with planting seeds of perspective into my friends, family, and my fellow Sasee readers. Just like plants, people come in various types, shapes, and sizes. We do not always know where one another came from and sometimes, we are too quick to assume. We were all sprouted from different beds and raised with unique soil. We all need special instructions in order to flourish as we should, and unfortunately, those directions do not come attached to us like plants do when bought from a nursery. At the end of the day, we are all human and simply beautiful in our own way, no matter how long it takes us to fully bloom.

Blossoming initially requires a period of dark. This is the time when people may experience feelings of failure or discomfort. We must find a positive perspective within our trials and tribulations as it is these moments that refine us for our future. And when ready, light is required for exponential growth. The question is, what gives you light? Purpose? Community?

I encourage you to never doubt the process of following your own light.

You grow girl,


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