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Letter from the Editor: Playing Dress-Up

Letter from the Editor: Playing Dress-Up

When I was a young gal faced with beauty propaganda, I only made notes of what it was on the outside that deemed a woman physically beautiful enough to be on the cover of a magazine or walk a runway. As I have grown, I have developed a new understanding of beauty – one I would call true beauty. My idea of what makes someone beautiful shifted from how skinny or glamorous someone appeared to be to how attractive someone’s heart, mind, and soul truthfully are, and how a person displays those inner parts of themselves outward for the world to see and learn from. I do believe that what is on the inside affects the outside and I do believe that dressing ourselves up is a fun way to express our individual personalities.

When it comes to showing off my creative true self, I am less into expressing myself through my makeup because I like to keep mine natural-looking. I will only allow one of my very best friends, Jamie, to give me a makeover (simply because I trust her, oh and she’s a pro). I am much more into expressing myself through my attire and accessories. One of my favorite gems is my peace sign, fringe purse shown above. She is a tad worn down and the pieces of gold sewn on have been steadily unraveling. I started replacing the gold with treasured seashells I have collected from my walks along the beach. Slowly but surely, I know all of the gold will become seashells. I am perfectly content with this revamping because it just means that my purse will become even more beachy, hippie, and unique, like me.

Expressing our creativity can play a significant role on our self-awareness and overall well-being. It is a way we can align our inner selves with our outward presentation. Being completely authentic can bring us much value for personal growth and growth within our relationships. I have never been one to “fit in” and I believe I am much happier when I am being my genuine self. I hope to be a light for others so that instead of being afraid to be different, they have the courage to shine as bright as they wish in their own unique ways.

With much love,


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  1. What a positive message about embracing your uniqueness! Like you, I tend to be a little quirky when expressing myself through my outward presentation. Thank you for reminding us it’s not only okay, but encouraged.

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