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Letter from the Editor: Renew & Revamp

Letter from the Editor: Renew & Revamp

If you stepped inside the little home my roommate and I refer to as the “Zen Den,” you would instantly be immersed in a rich blend of funky texture, retro vintage, and color galore. After you’ve been acquainted with the cats (Mr. Tom and Rosie) as well as the butterfly rug and sunshine mirror in our foyer, the living room area is just through the 70s beaded door curtains. Every room features various plants, elaborate macramé, vibrant wall décor, and comforting scents (unless the cats pooped recently).

A common theme that truly makes our place feel like home is the many pieces of rattan and bamboo furniture that were saved from my Papa’s beach house. My bedroom is also designed with heirlooms: the French Provisional dresser and bedside table are from my paternal grandparents, the four-poster bedframe from my maternal grandmother, and the vanity from my Papa’s mother. Most of the other pieces, big and small, were rescued from local antique shops. My grandmother, mother, and I love thrift shopping and all have an eye for eclectic treasures that add a touch of pizazz.

Some of my favorite pieces are the floral-embellished, wooden tea crate that’s the perfect size to hold my vinyl records, my grandmother’s mushroom-designed sewing kit box, the immense number of seashells I’ve accumulated, and the polaroid pictures full of sensational memories. Because I collect a multitude of interesting items, some are in a closet until I figure out how to reorganize and make more space. I am constantly adding and revamping so I am sure, in due time, they will all have a special place.

Currently, there’s a touch of Fall (my favorite season) festive décor including brass candlesticks and fairy lights on the mantel, pampas grass in antique vases, and a hodgepodge of pumpkins. From the smallest ornate details to the glittering disco balls, the Zen Den is overflowing with aged items that have been given new life.


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