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Letter from the Editor: Rise & Shine

Letter from the Editor: Rise & Shine

On my best days, my morning routine is all about rising and shining. I like to rise with the sun, which in return helps me shine throughout the rest of my day. My favorite places to watch the sunrise are at the beach, my family’s inlet house, or Moore’s Park Landing. The park is only a ten-minute walk from where I live, so it’s a peaceful way to get some exercise in. Once I make it to my destination, I also take the opportunity to stretch. Something about the warmth of the sun on my skin while I move my body brings me comfort and a rush of tranquility. Regardless of where I view the dawn of the day, I always listen to music. This time frame is often accompanied by soft, yet mood-boosting melodies played from my “Up Girly” playlist. The combination of this set of tunes while surrounded by nature centers me and inspires my creativity.

As far as a New Year’s resolution, I view every day as a new day to be the new you. I do believe that intention setting is a powerful tool if you stay consistent with your vision and committed to the actionable steps to achieve your goal. Affirmation building is another concept I have grown to understand that helps me on my not-so-good days, which is basically an expression of positivity. Affirmations can be written down, spoken out loud, or simply thoughts in your head. I engage in all forms, especially when I am trying to improve my perspective on a situation whether it be caused by someone else or revolved around my own self-doubt. Learning to forgive myself and let go of situations that are out of my control is a challenging mental and emotional exercise but is highly necessary for me to fully live in the moment.

I am hopeful that my year of 2022 will be overflowing with quality time spent in the sunshine, with loved ones, and loving myself. I am excited to continue exploring wellness and balance in all aspects of my life and learning to trust the process. I will leave you with a quote that motivates me and grounds my soul when I need it most, “As above so below, as within so without!”


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