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Letter from the Editor: Spice Up Your Life

Letter from the Editor: Spice Up Your Life

Keeping my life spicy means applying the concept of variety. Variety, as in the absence of monotony. While I still value my Saturday to-do list and other specific routines that help me stay sane and healthy, the idea of variation is still present in much of my lifestyle.

Due to having multiple jobs, I enjoy that my tasks at work are ever-changing. In my effort to cultivate genuine connections during this journey of human existence, I love building friendships with different people to learn from and gain alternative perspectives. Another way to add a dash of pizzazz is by accumulating a diverse plethora of interests and passions. Forms of movement such as baton twirling, dancing, yoga, and other types of rhythmic flow help me remain engaged with my body and improve my capabilities. These activities as well as other creative outlets like writing, crafting, and designing art allow my mind to be open to new learning potentials. Utilizing creativity to discover new depths is a useful foundation for growth that enhances my sense of feeling alive. As our focus and mood naturally shift from day to day, or even moment to moment, I count on my array of music genres to accompany my personal variation. Exploring new tunes is an extra sprinkle of spice that truly amplifies my life’s fulfillment.

More literally speaking, adding actual spices to my everyday food consumption has redefined my cooking and baking skills. Because I am careful about what I eat, the cleanest and greenest way to shop is to support fresh, local businesses at the many farmer’s markets offered along the Grand Strand. Check out the features in this special Sasee issue about how to best “Spice Up Your Life.”

The purpose of living is not meant to be humdrum. Continuing to find newness leads to abundant experiences. The spice of life you crave is within reach, you just have to imagine the possibilities, manifest the opportunities, and create your own unique flavor – the spicier, the better!


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