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Letter from the Editor: Starting a New Life

Letter from the Editor: Starting a New Life

I cannot count the amount of times I have said the words “new year, new me!” What about you? How many times have you spoken these positive words into existence – and then really taken action to achieve it? The year of 2020 was consumed with unanswered questions starting with the anxious phrase of “What If…?”

But, what if this is our chance to truly challenge ourselves to exceed what we have always known to be true and blatantly comfortable? What if this is our chance to learn something new or discover a part of ourselves that we didn’t know existed? What if this is our chance to shed our narrow mindsets to make room for us to fully blossom? I know we have all experienced loss this year: jobs, loved ones, ourselves. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or soulfully, a change has indeed happened to all of us. The real question now is, how are you pushing yourself to change during this life-altering time? I’m hoping you’re thinking to yourself, for the better, and if not, that’s okay too. You always have time to ignite a change within. I believe it takes a leap of faith and a good support system. We must continue to check on ourselves as well as our loved ones. We must remember that we are never alone.

“Sometimes all you can do is accept there’s not much else you can do, and sometimes all you can do is control how well you let go of control.” -Lori Deschene

We as humans crave security and consistency because it makes our lives, well, easier. Unfortunately, we do not always own rights to the ups and downs in life. The world is continually spinning and carrying on regardless of if we are “ready.” When facing a future of unknown, it is necessary for us to learn to let go of what we cannot control and instead practice hope and gratitude for the things that we can control. It is more often your own mindset than it is the world that is truly holding you back. I encourage you to start your 2021 off right, by reading inspiring stories and learning life lessons from the brave women featured in this issue.

Stay safe, sane, & sunny,


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