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Letter from the Editor: Summer Daze

Letter from the Editor: Summer Daze

Growing up, my most cherished summertime activity was definitely boat days with my family and our friends. My dad owns the classic 1986 Boston Whaler which guided us on many outdoor adventures. We would go out on the river and travel to Sandy Island or coast the marshy inlet and spend time at The Point. During the day, us kids would take turns riding the tube as we prepared to be thrown off over a big wake (and I was secretly always afraid of which water animal would snag me as I would wait for dad to come back around to the rescue). The dads were usually in charge of the boat driving, but one time the moms took us for a spin in the tube and somehow managed to completely wrap us around a tree. They laughed but swore us to secrecy… Oops!

My family’s favorite time to go boating is for a sunset cruise. Regardless, the only music played while out on the water was an old Jimmy Buffet CD that to my knowledge, has never left the disc player in decades. You see, my dad has this hat that explains him (and probably most dads) very well. The front of the hat reads, “The Captain is always right…” and the back of it reads, “…and I’m The Captain!” My dad does enjoy being right, but he is also a strong, grounded, and rational man. He knows something about everything, so he is always giving out life advice. My father is truly my biggest fan. He loves to brag about how cool his daughter is, I mean, can you blame him? It’s safe to say that I certainly got my humor from him. Seriously, he takes dad jokes to a whole new level!

My dad is a hard worker, devoted golfer, great beer drinker, an avid YouTube watcher, and a phenomenal cook. Even though I don’t stand on his toes anymore, he will always be my favorite shag partner and even though I am an adult now, I know I will always be his little girl.

*Cue the song “My Girl” by The Temptations*

Happy Father’s Day & Happy Summer Daze,


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