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Letter from the Editor: Summer Senses

Letter from the Editor: Summer Senses

The senses of summertime are quite sensational, especially when you enjoy the season near the coast. Okay, maybe not the hefty traffic or buzzing mosquitoes, but I choose to focus more on the delightful aspects. It’s no surprise that growing up along the Grand Strand has shaped my perspective to appreciate the raw beauty of the outdoor world.

I have always loved being by the water. Whether it be boat riding on the river leading us to trails on Sandy Island, lying in a hammock on the dock next to the marsh accompanied by whiffs of pluff mud, or becoming one with the sea as I float the day away, being near water has always felt peaceful. I spend the most time by the ocean connecting with its enormous energy and letting it wash away my worries with the tide. Did you know that over half the oxygen we breathe originates from the ocean? No wonder we as humans are naturally pulled toward its restorative benefits – when water calms, clarity comes.

As I make my way down the beach’s shoreline, I always admire the simplistic wonders surrounding me. I listen to the soothing sounds of crashing waves and signals spoken by the seagulls. I recognize the sights of the deep blue sea and the creatures that inhabit it like dancing jellyfish, strolling crabs, and if you’re lucky, frolicking dolphins. I take in the scents of nutrient-rich seaweed and various sunscreens. I taste the salty-sweet flavor of mineral-filled air mixed with coconut SPF balm slathered on my lips. I notice the sun’s warm touch on my sun-kissed skin and feel the sea-shelled treasures weighing down my pocket. One of the best senses is feeling the soft sand between your bare toes. Just as our lungs absorb the ions in the air, our bare feet soak up the free ions on the earth’s surface. This grounding practice of exchanging electrons with the planet awards us with quality health benefits. I have learned to highly respect nature’s medicine.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
-W.B. Yeats


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