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Letter from the Editor: The Future is Female

Letter from the Editor: The Future is Female

Who are we as women if we do not support other women? No matter what their hopes and dreams may be, I am proud and honored to know all of the females who surround me. I have gal-pals who are managers, lawyers, beauticians, teachers, accountants, real estate agents, personal care aids, nurses, soon-to-be doctors, some who work for start-up companies, many who own their own creative businesses, and a few who are still in the beautiful process of figuring it out – and that’s okay. Regardless, they all know that they have my unconditional support because that is what we do as women; we build each other up!

“It’s not a race, it’s a movement” is a saying that I constantly remind myself and other women because another woman’s success is not something to be jealous of. Another women’s success should provide inspiration and helpful tools for others as they are paving the way for many generations of women to come. We are not in competition with one another, we are a team.

Another concept that many women have to understand when it comes to climbing the ladder is how to best create a work-life balance and that balance looks different for everyone. Investing in yourself plays a role in this as well. It is just as important to invest in yourself when it comes to the actual business and money moves you are making as it is to keep up with investing in your personal needs, which ultimately fuel and inspire your creative juices for the business side. Burn out is real, and balance is a key ingredient to being your best self.

In this February 2022 “The Future is Female” issue, be sure to check out our Women-Owned Business Guide which highlights many of our local women in power who are here to empower all the wonderful ladies reading our magazine.

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