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Letter from the Editor: There is no “I” in Team

Letter from the Editor: There is no “I” in Team

There certainly never is an “I” in team, but I learned early on how “I” personally affect my teammates and the role I play within the team that’s created. As a baton twirler, I joined the local competition team when I was seven and as I advanced, I naturally became very (too) proud. My coach sat me down and explained that this sport is not just about one individual – it is only truly successful if we are all team players. (What? You mean the world doesn’t revolve around moi?) All jokes aside, the way my coach handled the situation helped me realize that life really is all about building camaraderie. After this new perspective, I found a new love for twirling and the art of teaching it. I was finally able to take on captain roles during my middle and high school years and even had my own students I would teach.

My baton twirling coach, Laura Card, was the kind of mentor and teacher that every athlete or performer dreams of having. The kind that pushes you but also supports you. The kind that motivates you to continue when you want to give up. The kind that strives to make you a better you, on and off the stage/field. She also instilled the importance of time management, problem solving, and positive communication. The best teachers provide advice that can last a lifetime.

My time as a Clemson University majorette was an astronomically different environment, but the fundamental life skills I learned from Coach Laura served me incredibly well. After my freshman year, our “Tiger Twirler” team doubled in size. We heavily relied on one another for success as we choreographed, critiqued, and worked hard together. We genuinely enjoyed helping each other learn and creating harmony within our team.

I’m forever grateful to grow up with the kind of coach who understands that they are not only guiding you to be the best at your craft, but also inspiring you to be the best human being.


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