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Letter from the Editor: Where I Belong

Letter from the Editor: Where I Belong

Where I belong has always been near the water. Growing up along the Grand Strand was a more than fortunate scenario, especially for a sea-maid like me. There are several varied types of bodies of water, and we are lucky to be surrounded by a majority of them such as the inlet, river, marsh, creeks, lakes, estuaries, and of course, the ocean.

I don’t think I truly knew that I wanted to come back and live on the Grand Strand as an adult until I moved away for college which was located in upstate South Carolina. I was able to get my aqua and nature fix by hiking and climbing waterfalls on the weekends with Liza, my adventurous college roommate. The mountains were extraordinary, and Clemson was an absolute dream, but for me, nothing beats the beach, the waves, and the salty smell of home.

Anyone who lives or visits our coastal area knows that summer is the liveliest time of year. Our busiest day of the year is the 4th of July and if you are smart, you spend it by the water. My family starts our day with friends out on the beach where we get to watch the “Salute from the Shore” together. This annual flyover stretches across the entire length of South Carolina’s coast and is the perfect way to honor the armed forces and celebrate Independence Day. Once it’s high tide, we migrate to our family home to watch the annual Murrell’s Inlet Boat Parade and the theme for their 38th year is Stars, Stripes, and Fireworks. After the sun begins to set, that is my favorite part of the day because the majestic firework shows light up the night sky and reflect beautifully over the water. The Grand Strand truly knows how to illuminate the joy and pride of our blessed red, white, and blue day and I would not want to spend my many tranquil days by the water any other way.


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