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Letter from the Editor: Wonder-fur World

Letter from the Editor: Wonder-fur World

Before my parents had me, their first (fur)child was a Boykin Spaniel, Rhett. Besides eating all our socks and the occasional shoe, he was an extremely smart pup and a dependable companion. I was allowed to get my very own pet once I reached second grade which is when we got a second Boykin named Scarlett. (Yes, my parents love Gone with the Wind.) Scarlett and I spent many beach sunrises together, had a mutual love for cheese, and both carried the sassy gene – or maybe she learned that from me. Unlike Rhett, the never-ending retrieving dog, Scarlett could not fetch to save her life. She also didn’t swim like him when we went to the beach – she would just bite the waves. Although our little brown dogs were very different from each other, they did share one special thing in common. When it was time for them to cross the rainbow (at separate times), they both took a stroll in the neighborhood under the full moonlight and wandered into a nearby garden to lay to rest peacefully.

Although I grew up a dog person, I have come to appreciate cats throughout the years as well. As an adult, I have not personally acquired any more pets (yet), but I do live with two rescued cats. Even though they belong to my roommate, I love and care for them as my own. Thomas (AKA Mr. Tom/Mister Mans) is handsome, smart, and extremely talkative. He enjoys drinking from the sink, playing with toys (but only in secret), and is the best cuddle bug ever. Rosie (AKA Sweet Rose/Miss Girl) is seriously the prettiest, quirkiest, hungriest little fluff of cuteness. Although she has a neurological disorder, her big brother is very helpful. Peculiar, yet adorable, this dynamic duo is so amusing to always have around while at home. I encourage you to try out yoga with your pets – it’s an entertaining time. I could not imagine life without the love and comfort of fur babies.


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