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Letter from the Editor: You Wear It Well

I learned a lot about beauty this month – not from a blog post or YouTube video, or even from our skilled, local makeup experts who work their magic from beauty counters up and down the Strand. I interviewed the four women behind Southern Salty Secrets, and they really gave me food for thought. All four are very attractive, each with a unique sense of style. We talked a bit about feeling more powerful with makeup on, and at first, I thought, I’m not sure how I feel about that – do I need makeup to feel my own power? But, honestly, the more I pondered the question, the more I realized that, yes, carefully applied makeup and good hair contribute a lot to feeling beautiful. But, these days, my level of self-confidence is dependent more on how I’m feeling inside. As I age, beauty means something quite different than it did years ago. This sentiment was driven home by another interview I did with Deborah Mandrell, who has that rare ability to create a unique, personal style that just works. At age 70, her beauty has not dimmed; rather it is a lovely reflection of someone who is completely comfortable in her own skin. My most important realization is that the women I find the most beautiful are always kind to those around them, not afraid to give a compliment or help another woman illuminate her beauty.

All of us at Sasee wish you a wonderful February – if the weather is cold and dreary, put on something bright and colorful (another lesson I learned this month from Amy Bunn), and go help someone have a better day.


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