Letter from the Editor: Your Best Life

It’s a New Year and a new decade! And a NEW Sasee! We have seen you…and heard you…and this is the result. A magazine for you and about you. A publication to inspire you to live your very best life in this decade and beyond. This is your Sasee Magazine! Please let us know what you think and how you feel. Without you, dear readers and supporters, none of this would happen.

While we were researching 2020 trends for the new Sasee, one I saw over and over was “the death of the bikini body,” and I heaved a sigh of relief. It’s about time we celebrate the beauty in all women, not just those who fit some ridiculous, made up standard of beauty. My tribe is made up of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes and ages. Each is absolutely gorgeous in her own way. They all shine from within, as do you, dear reader. When we take the time to actually “see” one another, and can safely reveal our true selves, we can all grow and learn together.

Sasee sees your radiance and celebrates the light you bring to the world. This year, she will highlight exciting people, places and events to entertain and inspire you. And, hopefully, make you laugh a little too. And she hasn’t forgotten to include all the things you love about her – your favorite writers, book reviews and more are still within these pages.

Sasee SEES you!


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  1. Stunning photo, Leslie. Love the slick pages and interesting articles, advertising, and essays.

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