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Silly Socks

I’ve never been one to keep up with the latest trends. If I see a dress or cute top I like, I’ll save up and buy it. Sometimes my tastes fit the modern crazes, sometimes I’m going against the grain, but the best way to describe my fashion sense is that I love bold bright colors.

Honestly, most of the time I like looking like a rainbow threw up on me. I love contrast. This is great when I’m gardening or running around with my kids, but sometimes I have to tone it down.

Thankfully, there is one piece of clothing that I can hide and never have to alter to fit formal settings and dress code worthy events: socks. They’re a perfect expression that slides into my boots in the fall and winter. In spring, if I’m feeling silly, I’ll wear them with slip-ons or sneakers just to be silly. Even striped knee socks or cute patterns can be worn with heels if my dress is long enough or I’m feeling extra expressive.

Silly socks don’t get enough credit. As a kid, most of us complained if we got socks as a gift but I’ve now reached an age where I can’t get enough of them. And the weirder, the better.

While some women obsess over shoes and handbags, I’m more focused on ensuring that my feet display my personality whether others can see them or not. It’s a style that I’ve passed on to my daughters.

My eldest is much more traditional. She loves long dresses and clothes that look like they came from the 1800s, but give her a pair of silly sloth socks and she is ready to slip them on.

My youngest daughter is a bit more like me. She loves bright colors and anything that really stands out. I call her my little butterfly because she’s also the most outgoing little social lady. Her love of silly socks goes just as far as mine.

Whether weird patterns, prints, or just the brightest shade of fuchsia, there’s something about a pair of silly socks that calls out. They need to be worn. And the more that I wear them and show them off, the more I find other women enjoying this hidden burst of expression.

No matter the occasion, a pair of silly socks can offer a bit of humor or some added joy. Sometimes I keep it to myself. Not everyone needs a laugh when visiting a sick loved one or attending a funeral, but I do. So just hiding something bright and happy underneath a nice pair of boots or a simple skirt reminds me that I’m always me, no matter what I have to face.

It may sound a bit strange, but that’s how fashion works. No matter what we love to wear, there is always something that perfectly offers up a reflection of our inner light. Even when hidden or covering the smallest body part, every fashion sense has something to say!

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