Letter from the Editor: The Future is Female

Who are we as women if we do not support other women? No matter what their hopes and dreams may be, I am proud and honored to know all of the females who surround me. I have gal-pals who are managers, lawyers, beauticians, teachers, accountants, real estate agents, personal care aids, nurses, soon-to-be doctors, some … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Rise & Shine

On my best days, my morning routine is all about rising and shining. I like to rise with the sun, which in return helps me shine throughout the rest of my day. My favorite places to watch the sunrise are at the beach, my family’s inlet house, or Moore’s Park Landing. The park is only … Continued

Letter from the Editor: It’s a Wrap

Growing up, my parents and I mostly spent Christmas day traveling to spend time with my mom’s side of the family, which is pretty big. Instead of bringing gifts for every single family member, we collectively participate in a gift exchange. The Santa’s Hat Gift Exchange has a few various names, but the rules pretty … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Give Thanks

“May the morning sun sing to you: you are worthy of new beginnings. May an extra hour of sleep reveal to you: you are worthy of rest. May a text from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while remind you: someone does care. May the song lyric that speaks to your soul remind … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Feels Like Home

The space I can escape to that always feels like home is an elegantly shabby house that overlooks the marsh in Murrells Inlet. The property was purchased in 1920 by my grandfather’s great grandfather for a low price that would knock your flip-flops off. Passed down for generations, the ownership shares of the house are … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Enjoying Life

It was fall of 2002 in the Blue Ridge mountains, the perfect time of the year – football season! The “Band that Shakes the Southland” began to play, and the music took over the crowd – It’s time! It’s my time to run out onto the field to perform. The cannons fired off and my … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Perfect Age

This summer I turned a quarter of a century and even at 25, I do not feel my age. I have always been “mature for my age” as they say, and I think that is because my inner soul feels as though it is three-quarters of a century. I believe the reason I feel this … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Where I Belong

Where I belong has always been near the water. Growing up along the Grand Strand was a more than fortunate scenario, especially for a sea-maid like me. There are several varied types of bodies of water, and we are lucky to be surrounded by a majority of them such as the inlet, river, marsh, creeks, … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Summer Daze

Growing up, my most cherished summertime activity was definitely boat days with my family and our friends. My dad owns the classic 1986 Boston Whaler which guided us on many outdoor adventures. We would go out on the river and travel to Sandy Island or coast the marshy inlet and spend time at The Point. … Continued

Letter from the Editor: I Don’t Know How She Does It

Truth be told, when I speak of my own mother, I really don’t know how she does it all. “Momma Hawk” is a mother to everyone who needs it. I cannot even tell you how many of my own friends (who are like family) have had deep, life discussions with her. She is trustworthy, easy … Continued

Letter from the Editor: The Best is Yet to Be

This morning was the first beach sunrise I have attended in weeks. Today was the calm after the storm of rain that seemed to last all of 2021 so far. For those of you who know me, you know that quality time with nature is one of the most essential needs to fuel my soul. … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Planting the Seed

I have not physically planted many seeds that have bloomed. Green thumbs certainly do run in my family, but I am not sure the gene has made its way to me yet. I do enjoy keeping up with my handful of house plants, but due to my busy lifestyle, I only care for the types … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Playing Dress-Up

When I was a young gal faced with beauty propaganda, I only made notes of what it was on the outside that deemed a woman physically beautiful enough to be on the cover of a magazine or walk a runway. As I have grown, I have developed a new understanding of beauty – one I … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Starting a New Life

I cannot count the amount of times I have said the words “new year, new me!” What about you? How many times have you spoken these positive words into existence – and then really taken action to achieve it? The year of 2020 was consumed with unanswered questions starting with the anxious phrase of “What … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Baubles and Bows

My favorite Christmas tradition is truly a southern one. I don’t know about you, but I have always found the idea of eating similar cuisine for Christmas as we just enjoyed for Thanksgiving a bit excessive. Okay, except for the pie! I will always eat another slice of sweet homemade pie baked by my even … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Pie and Parades

As I sit here at my new desk to write my first Sasee “Letter from the Editor,” I can’t help but feel an overwhelming rush of gratification. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with and learn from my enthusiastic and dedicated team. I am looking forward to building new, inspiring relationships with … Continued

Letter from the Editor: No Place Like Home

By Leslie Moore

Almost fifteen years ago, I interviewed with the owner and publisher of Sasee for the job as editor. I clearly remember that one of the “tests” she gave me was to write a sample “Letter from the Editor.” I struggled with that first letter, but to my great delight, I was chosen for the position … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Smile

By Leslie Moore

I visited my granddaughters Quinn and Ellis a couple of weekends ago to celebrate Quinn’s 7th birthday. She had requested a certain present, which I, of course, purchased, but it was a small item, and I asked what else she wanted. Quinn then proceeded to give me an adorably long explanation of something that wraps … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Joyful Aging

By Leslie Moore

When I think about my circle of friends, I see a beautiful group of women (and men) who only see age as a number. No matter where they fall chronologically, they have taken aging and made it their ally. One close friend has three jobs – all new challenges she has taken on recently. Several … Continued

Letter from the Editor: Community Life

By Leslie Moore

Recently, a friend of mine was walking down her stairs and slipped, breaking her foot in several places. The break was so severe it required surgery and weeks of recovery that is still ongoing. Immediately, our group of friends joined together to provide meals for her. One friend loaned her a knee scooter to use … Continued