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Erika Hoffman


By Erika Hoffman

In the past six years, I’ve made three new friends. Pitiful, you say? I’d have agreed once upon a time. Yet, circumstances change. I used to be hyper-social. The one office I was chronically elected to fill – social secretary. Because I possessed a motor mouth, folks automatically figured I’d make friends. Not always. Sometimes, […]

The Tao of a Couch

By Erika Hoffman

Any decorator worth her myriad of swatches would advise reupholstering, at a minimum – slipcovers, but most likely the dump. In 1979, that divan cost $500.00. A present from my mom to us for our newly bought first home; it charmed me with its flowery pattern over a black background. Oriental and feminine, the sofa […]

Out to Lunch

By Erika Hoffman

My college roomie from 45 years ago asked me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. “Anywhere you wanna go,” Cora wrote. “You pick.” She suggested our usual haunts. “Let’s go somewhere new?” I said, recalling an Internet article stating that older folks should vary routines and not frequent the same old supermarkets, gas stations, and […]

Banning Buts

By Erika Hoffman

Recently I had a house guest, a woman I’d not seen in 25 years: the wife of my husband’s friend from grad school. The couple was relocating. He’d gone ahead to take a new position; she was to drive up after their house had sold. Over the last couple of decades, I’d exchanged holiday cards […]

Losing It!

By Erika Hoffman

“I’m losing it!” I mumbled to myself as I rearranged letters, cards, and ubiquitous junk mail on our foyer table. “Dang!” where did I put that invitation to the Friday welcoming soiree?” I asked Bear-Bear, my miniature female dachshund. She gazed up at me empathetically and barked twice. I headed to the niche, also in […]

My Friend

By Erika Hoffman

My friend, my friend, I’ll give you a good price on that rug.” I smile; I nod; I stroll past, admiring the intricately designed creation hanging on the wall. “My friend, my friend, touch it. Feel how soft.” I study it. I touch it. I nod in agreement. “My friend, my friend, see the white […]

Ageism’s a thing; so is ageing. Ageing is real. A gal in her sixties may find certain modern things confusing. Although I’ve mastered word processing, email and sending off disarming photos of adorable grandchildren with captivating grins, there remains a dearth of knowledge on my part regarding sundry cyber chores, one being the procurement of […]

The Takeaway Message

By Erika Hoffman

I’d been asked to teach men at a homeless shelter how to compose a story. I pen inspirational, true tales like those in The Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies. So, I showed up, told the gatekeeper I was here to see the chaplain, and parked in front of the shelter where men moseyed about. […]

About ten years ago, I decided to write with the goal of publication. Why did I, a newbie, dare believe I’d succeed in acquiring a byline in a magazine or anthology? Wasn’t that aim as lofty as winning a needle-in-a-haystack writing contest? Yet, I had confidence that if I pursued this dream, I’d accomplish it. […]

Tripping Along

By Erika Hoffman

The nuptials, to take place, were for the lovely sister of my lovely daughter-in-law, whose family possesses savoir-faire and hosts such events effortlessly, stylishly and perfectly. Also, they hired a small army of ubiquitous wedding planners holding clip boards. My first encounter with theses “sans pareil” wedding planners occurred the eve of the wedding when […]

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