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Everyday Joy

Today’s kitchen design is beautiful and functional. The Galley kitchen is the latest trend that is becoming very popular. It’s a functional kitchen that is basically an extra large sink – actually we call it a work station, not a sink. You’re not just purchasing a marine grade, stainless steel sink; the unit has tons […]

Kentucky Woman, by Thomas Davis Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thomas studied Business and Marketing. After completing his Business Degree in 1984, Thomas attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to develop the creative side of his mind. In 1987 Thomas returned to Myrtle Beach to incorporate both the creative and business side of his mind […]

Our Little Genius

By Diane Stark

“Guess what Jordan did last night”¯ I said to my co-worker. He smiled slightly. “What did the most amazing eight-month-old on the planet do last night”¯ I launched into a ten-minute description of the adorable thing my son had done the night before. At the end, I expected my co-worker to be as delighted as […]

Dress with Joy

By Paula Farish

We all feel better and more confident if we’re dressed appropriately – whether we’re going to the beach, meeting friends for lunch or whatever we may be doing. At Fancy Free, a Coastal Collection, we focus on clothing geared toward our area. We all know that if you don’t like the weather on the Grand […]

The Joy of Decluttering

By Cheryl Maguire

“Does this spark joy”¯ I asked myself. Cradling an apple spice candle in my hand, I sniffed the top of it. The scent is gone probably from sitting in the attic for 15 years, I thought. It definitely isn’t sparking any joy. I tossed it in the overflowing trash pile. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying […]


By Susan Lewis

I’m 62 years old and my new boss is 29 years old. “29,” I tell myself. “Let that sink in,” I mumble as I start up the monitor and watch it come to life. Everything in my world is digital and I come from “The Planet of the Paper” where everything is…oh, scratch that…was written […]

Explore the Art Trail

By Joan Leotta

With the help of one little rack card, visitors and residents now have a guide to direct art-inspired meanderings up and down the Grand Strand – from Calabash, North Carolina, south to Georgetown. Local art galleries, museums and restaurants with galleries show their connection and invite all to enjoy the many venues promoting visual art […]

Simply Grand

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

It was 1989. Hurricane Hugo was approaching the area and it was the first real scare my husband Chuck and I had with hurricanes since moving to the Grand Strand in 1984. That day we had been shooting a video for a convention in Litchfield. Around noon the hotel reported that an evacuation was occurring […]

Along the coast, one of the first signs that fall is coming is the appearance of delicate and beautiful yellow butterflies. Called cloudless sulphur butterflies, large groups flutter around my summer-worn impatiens and lantanas, and I feel the first bittersweet twinge of autumn’s approach. As a lover of all things summer, I have to ease […]

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