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Flowers & Forever

Today’s weddings are unique to the bride and groom. The main purpose of a wedding is to commit your life to another person, and that never changes, but now, with unlimited access to ideas and inspiration, traditional weddings are not the norm. Couples want their wedding to reflect who they are and their unique wedding […]

Wedding Carnations

By Hope Yancey

I’m a native North Carolinian, and Audrey lived in Duquesne, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, before relocating to North Carolina in the 1980s. I moved to the neighborhood in 2008. We had known each other a few years when she invited me to her house in 2011 to share wedding traditions important in her circle of family […]

Spring is in the air, which means summer is just around the corner. These three books are a fun way to bring the love of reading and nature to life. Filled with activities for parents, grandparents and children, these books will become lifelong favorites. I hope the whole family enjoys reading them, as well as […]

Lilies add long-lasting color and fragrance to flower gardens and summer bouquets. These stately flowers provide vertical interest and blend nicely with other perennials. And best of all, with very little care, you’ll be enjoying them for years to come. Start off the summer with Asiatic lilies. These compact plants have upward or outward facing […]

Screen Saver

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

I love nature – but nature does not always love me! I am one of those women who like to camp out, but hubby Chuck prefers a hotel room. As a kid, my parents had one of those little Scotty Campers. We would come to Myrtle Beach from Florence packed to the hilt for the […]

The Best Part of Me

By Diane Stark

“Did you notice that Nathan has an under bite” My husband’s cousin asked me at my son’s first birthday party. “He is turning one tomorrow, and he only has four teeth,” I said. “How could he have an under bite already” But sure enough, when I asked Nathan to smile, it was clear that his […]

Every spring the wild violets are the first to bloom in my yard. Their delicate, purple flowers and heart shaped leaves spring up in pots and in the grass – usually I would only give them a passing nod, but this year I have a new appreciation for the determination of these tiny blooms. They […]

The Beauty of Bustling

By Donna Wilson

When you take your dress to a seamstress for alterations, they will probably ask if you want it bustled. If your dress has a long train, and you want to move freely and dance the night away at your reception, then the answer is YES! A bustle gathers up extra fabric or a train with […]

Two New Teachers

By Deborah Straw

I’ve always kept my eyes and heart open to new teachers. In the past, I sought out women 20 to 30 years my elder, but this prospective group has diminished as I am now in my 60s. My recent teachers sometimes appear in surprising forms. My first recent one, Roy sits up tall on the […]

Rings of Gold

By Jim Huntley

There are several things to consider when choosing wedding rings. Most men choose a more simple style, but women have to decide what type of metal they prefer, and if they want stones set into the ring. Also, do you want a ring that is form fitted to your engagement ring? I usually recommend soldering […]

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