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Million Little Things

My Friend

By Erika Hoffman

My friend, my friend, I’ll give you a good price on that rug.” I smile; I nod; I stroll past, admiring the intricately designed creation hanging on the wall. “My friend, my friend, touch it. Feel how soft.” I study it. I touch it. I nod in agreement. “My friend, my friend, see the white […]

For the Birds

By Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Each year just like the swallows arriving back at Capistrano, green herons fly into the empty lot across the lake from my house. Okay, it’s not a big lake, and some might even call it a man-made drainage ditch, but to the fifteen or so of us who bought homes on Birdfield Lake in Myrtle […]

Puppy Love

By Susan L. Shone

My friend Blake told me he gave me my dog Magee because he was worried I was spending too much time talking to the green bell pepper plants. It is true I was talking to these four or five plants every day – and more than once a day, too. In January of that year, […]

Drive down most any street, in most any neighborhood, and unless it’s extremely hot or cold, or raining buckets, you’re likely to see at least one person walking their dog. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than half of us own at least one dog (the number goes way up if you add […]


By Melissa Face

I’ve been thinking about my childhood, longing for the simpler days, and wishing I could clean up my life’s messes the way you would mop your kitchen linoleum. One section, then another. “Good as new,” you’d say. I liked when you picked me up from school in your gray Chevelle. That whale of a car […]

Envision a lovely young couple dressed-to-the-nines, the young woman wearing a floor-skimming off-the-shoulder white dress, her hair elegantly coiffed, the young man boasting a tailored black Armani suit and a thousand dollar haircut. Their hands, necks and arms glitter with newly purchased baubles that likely cost three years’ worth of my salary. What if this […]

“I enjoy tailgating,” Chef Tom Mullally said as we began our conversation. “Good food, good wine, good friends – it’s a unique way to celebrate and root for your favorite team.” I asked Chef Tom for some fun new recipes that we could all try for our next tailgating party – or just a day […]

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness. That is love. -Lana Del Ray A quick Google search of children interacting with the elderly immediately yields a bevy of information on the health benefits for both the children and our older population. In some parts of the United States, daycare centers are being operated inside assisted […]

I know it’s still hot outside, but the change of seasons has begun along the coast. In September, the marsh grass begins to change, the rich green of summer changing to a lush golden hue, letting all of us who notice the little things know that something is different. The summer haze lifts a bit, […]

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