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Your Best Life

–Read It!–

By Nicole McManus

Love is in the air… and who doesn’t love a fantastic book or two? Below are two remarkable love stories, perfect for this extended February. (Leap years give us all an extra day of reading!) Five Feet Apart, by Rachael Lippincott with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis Stella Grant has been coming to the same […]

Create Your Best Life

By Leslie Menich

Leslie Menich, Salon Coordinator and Wellness Educator with Baddhare Clean Mission knows firsthand the benefits of eliminating toxins from her diet and environment and shares her story below. In high school, I was diagnosed with IBS and was on a variety of medications for years. In 2013, my husband, Jeremy, and I were introduced to […]

“I cut my teeth in the magazine world,” said hugely popular, bestselling author Colleen Oakley, now promoting her third book, You Were There, Too. I asked Colleen why she left the journalism for full time writing and the answer was simple and touching. “I fell in love and got engaged,” she said with a laugh. […]

Out to Lunch

By Erika Hoffman

My college roomie from 45 years ago asked me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. “Anywhere you wanna go,” Cora wrote. “You pick.” She suggested our usual haunts. “Let’s go somewhere new?” I said, recalling an Internet article stating that older folks should vary routines and not frequent the same old supermarkets, gas stations, and […]

A Life Restored

By Sandy Delmer

I’m originally from Florida where I operated an automotive body shop. In 2001 I moved to Hickory, North Carolina. My former husband was an airline pilot, and we opened a motorcycle business which I ran because he was away a lot. I love to ride and was president of the first female motorcycle group in […]

It’s Never Too Late!

By Susan Parrotta

Active people stay independent longer – I see a real difference in our members at Brightwater where I work as the Wellness Director. We offer five levels of care, and those who exercise regularly move through those levels of care much more slowly if at all! Sitting a lot is the absolute worst thing you […]

For those of you who have never met Brian and Sassy Henry, they are the sort of people who instantly make everyone feel at ease around them. Their success, both personal and professional, is inspiring, as well as their determination to make their community a better place for everyone. This past November, Brian was elected […]

Juggling paper towels, toothpaste, and a six-pack of Pellegrino (or was it a box of tampons and a bag of fun-sized Snickers? I can’t remember exactly what time of the month this took place), I walked up to the cash register at Walgreens – a store I patronize roughly 27 times a week since it’s […]

Food for Health

By Emily Keck

It’s January and maybe you’ve overindulged – many people ask me what is the most effective way to lose those holiday pounds. First, increase your water intake. My clients are asked to drink two liters of water each day. When you want to get rid of fat, you have to eliminate it one way or […]

Message from Above

By Linda O’Connell

The image of my red car in motion flashed sporadically in my mind for two weeks, whether I was asleep or awake. I didn’t tell anybody about my premonition. Because details were unclear, I tried to forget about the vision. Sunday morning I drove us to breakfast, since Bill had a knee injury. I waited at […]

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