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Blue Truck Organics: Cultivating Crops and Community

By Haley Brandon

Owned and run by Ross Davies since 2018, Winyah Blueberry Farm, also known as Blue Truck Organics, is home to two acres of delicious certified organic blueberries and various other produce like tomatoes, squash, and blackberries. The farm, which sits on a total of 20 acres, is also home to five goats, two babydoll sheep, 50+ chickens, and the newest addition: guineas. Ross also raises bees with the help of her mentor, Jacky Walton, whose local honey you can purchase at the farm.

What sets Blue Truck Organics apart is its unwavering commitment to organic farming. Ross’s dedication to skipping pesticides ensures that her blueberries are not only delicious but also good for you and the environment. In fact, her blueberries are the only ones in the area that are certified organic. She also raises her free-range chickens on certified organic feed, offering a range of healthy options you can trust. 

Her blueberries and eggs, labeled under Blue Truck Organics, are used in many restaurants in Pawleys Island and Georgetown, including Kudzu Bakery, Chive Blossom, Frank’s, Perrone’s, Bistro 217, and The Independent at The George Hotel in Georgetown. If you remember the delicious Peach Berry Cobbler ice cream that Gilbert’s Ice Cream scooped last summer, you were enjoying some fresh, organic blackberries from Winyah Blueberry Farm. Today, Ross showed us a 4-pound basket of fresh-picked blackberries that will hopefully find their way back into a new ice cream flavor this summer.

But it’s not just about the food at Winyah Blueberry Farm. Ross has created a welcoming space where the community comes together. The farm hosts a multitude of classes, including CPR training, cheese-making courses, pasta-making courses, and goat soap-making classes. Ross is always looking to add new experiences and hopes to introduce a blueberry-picking basket-making class and a fly-tying class soon. The farm also supports local causes and will host a fundraising event for St. Francis Animal Shelter on June 22nd.

Ross currently resides on Front Street in Georgetown but plans to move back to the farm. This place is very special to her, and after spending the afternoon here, it’s easy to see why. “It’s quiet out here, and I’m only 12 minutes from downtown. On rainy days, I’ll go in the paddock with a chair and sit and read a book,” she says. “You don’t hear the railroad. You don’t hear the dump trucks and motorcycles. You see the pretty moon.” 

As summer approaches, we encourage you to experience the goodness for yourself. Whether you’re picking berries, attending a class, or purchasing some fresh, organic produce, there’s something for everyone. So why not pay them a visit? Buy local produce, support local businesses, and enjoy all that the community has to offer. You’ll be glad you did.

Haley Brandon

Haley Brandon

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